RWB Workshop Poem of the Week – Dec 6

December 9, 2016

Red Wheelbarrow Poets
Poem of the Week 12/6/2016

Claudia Serea

Arsonist August

The car is a flea,
moving through the vast brown fur
of the plain.

The sky is closer here,
and drips
on the molten asphalt.

We drive through scorched fields
of sunflowers with heads bowed,
accepting death,

and through towns full of beggars
and kids with stray dog eyes.

Inside the churches,
Jesus watches
from a safe distance.

Burnt concrete walls
with black graffiti:
“As punishment,
they grant our wishes.”

But the countryside is ruled by zinnias,
in Romanian carciumarese—
pub keepers.

From church to pub to cemetery,
a simple trajectory.

Clopping slowly,
the cows come home,
swaying their hips
like clumsy heavy women
in high heels.

We drive over hills,
over the smoldering hills
and through the charred
gilded corn.

We drive under the storks’ wedding
rotating in the sky,
a clock telling us
it’s time.

Ahead of us,
August sets fire to more fields.

The road home belongs
to those who dare.

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