The Red Wheelbarrow Poets is a non-profit organization of poets based in the hometown of William Carlos Williams, Rutherford, NJ. The group hosts a free weekly poetry workshop and a monthly poetry reading series organized by The Gang of Six (Moira OBrien, Frank Rubino, Arthur Russell, Claudia Serea, Anton Yakovlev, and Don Zirilli). The workshop continues to be held on Zoom. To receive the Zoom link, contact one of the organizers or see the announcement email. The Red Wheelbarrow Poets monthly reading series occurs in person on the first Wednesday of each month at The Felician University Little Theater, 230 Montross Avenue, Rutherford, NJ. To receive the announcements, subscribe to their newsletter here.

The Red Wheelbarrow Poets’ annual journal, The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow, is celebrating 15 years of relevant poetry in New Jersey and New York. You can order the latest issue here: https://www.lulu.com/shop/frank-rubino-and-anton-yakovlev-and-preeti-shah-and-arthur-russell/the-rutherford-red-wheelbarrow-15/paperback/product-pqz8ym.html?page=1&pageSize=4

The call for submissions is announced by June every year. Submissions are open to everyone who was featured in the reading series or who read in the open mic during the previous year.

Follow The Red Wheelbarrow Poets on social media for more updates:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RWBPoets
Twitter: @RWBPoets

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