RWB Workshop Poem of the Week – Jan 21, 2015

Janet Kolstein

Samson and Goliath

Outside my fourth story window I could see for miles.

The sky lay softly on the low mountains,
the country and the city not so far apart,
and the sea not so very far away.

I used to imagine living in a foreign country,
just not like this.

Samson and Goliath dominated the horizon.

My doctor had pointed out
the two mighty cranes,
sometimes appearing as still
as an ancient colossus.

If I looked down, I could see
an unused swimming pool,
and, out towards the street and the traffic,
I saw a couple young medicos
with somewhere, quick, to go,
their white coats flapping
with the wintry air.

There would be work to do,
a lot of lifting and lowering of spirits,
and expectations,

a resetting of goals,
an activation of steel.

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