RWB Workshop Poem of the Week – Feb 11, 2015

Zorida Mohammed


This skin I live in,
that I was born wearing,
can teach elastic a thing or two
about resiliency and stretch.

It has gone from covering a mere 6-7 lb. babe
to a chubby blubby 150 lb. teenager,
then settling into a svelte 115 lbs.,
premarital, lyric of a girl-woman.

This forgiving skin stayed in idle at 125 lbs.
until madam menopause levied her hand
in my late forties, pushing me off the scale
into territory approaching 130 lbs.

At 60, things are still nicely intact but,
I can see that any false moves
and wrinkles will graduate into little folds,
and the whole old skin will hasten
its downhill trend as sure as if it were
conforming to something larger than itself,
something imbedded in the very fabric of skin,
in the beginning,
even before I was born.

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