RWB Workshop Poem of the Week – May 25

Black Plastic Bags

Wayne L. Miller

Electronic Musician, 1989 through 1992
Windows API manuals © 1990
Science issues about Voyager’s Journey
Payroll deposit notices
Insurance salesmen business cards
Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots
Cancelled checks
Broken boxes labeled Dishes
My wife’s 20-year-old teaching notes for Earth Science
Travel receipts from a Seattle conference
Playbills from long closed shows
Event schedules from Montreal
St. Louis newspapers
Broadway show ticket stubs
Boarding passes to St. Martin
My uncle’s college Physics textbook
Dad’s black metal stapler
Mom’s flea-market inventory books
Grandma’s candy dishes for Hopjes

When my brother
and I emptied
our parents’ house,
we threw out most
of what we found.

The New York Times moon landing issue
My son’s 3rd grade poster about chameleons
Newsweek’s predictions for the next sixty years
19th century dictionaries
Family pictures

My son will keep
2%. But as I work
under bare-bulb
light, I don’t know
which 2%.

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