RWB Workshop Poem of the Week – Apr 11

Poem of the Week 4/11/2017

Susanna Lee

Three Poems for My Father


My Dad Might Die Today

My dad is drinking no water.
They are keeping him “comfortable.”
My dad might die today.

I plan his obituary.

I wish
I had paid more attention
when he explained to me
how to fix a Delta faucet.


The Day

The day my father died
hasn’t happened yet.

The horses walk along this fence
at sunset.
What is their destination?

Are they hospice horses,
trained to entertain
those waiting at death’s door,
who might want more?

If I open these French doors,
will anyone notice?

Could I catch a beautiful horse
and ride it over the hill
into the sunset?



a boat on water
is easy.

a hospital room . . . into a cove,
and a hospital bed . . . into a yacht,
and a push-button call device . . . into a captain’s wheel
takes some navigation.

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