RWB Workshop Poem of the Week – May 16

Poem of the Week 5/16/2017

Janet Kolstein

Can a Secret Keep A Secret

when it feeds on your blood
like a fat tick
that won’t let go?

When it flies under the radar
on a lost track,
Mephisto jams with The Friar
on Juliet’s baby grand.

It’s an old manuscript
pulled from a prison,
hard candy from a cloud,
a vagabond in the underworld.

If you sledgehammered your secret
at a county fair,
how high would it rise on the meter?
Or is its import a Fata Morgana
in the marshland of your mind?

Sometimes, that door knocker
drops to your gut like a whetstone.

The secret is the reason you still have a job,
your spouse,
the love of your fans,

why all the joys in life
have learned to play
professional chess,

and a prophet
conquers people
with a smile.

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