RWB Workshop Poem of the Week – May 30

Poem of the Week 5/30/2017

Janet Kolstein

Who Are You Wearing?

Can you get more love than this?

Blown-out blond hair in a blunt cut
swings around her golden head
with every pivot.

To the cry of her name,
she twirls
towards and away
from nameless mortals
like me
watching on tv.

Her hand-spangled gown
with every swish and sway
of her Cannes camera-ready corps,

and, I wanna
feel le tapis rouge under my feet,
to soak up what was meant to be
to toast the week-end gross
from a thousand screens
launched in my honor,
my face a shrine,
riding high on flash
and flesh,
Valium to calm the riptide.

(don’t touch my air-brushed lips)
before the bling
goes back
in the box.

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