RWB Workshop Poem of the Week – July 25

Poem of the Week 7/25/2017

Della Rowland

Some Moment Shining As Your Hair

What came together,
some moment strong and careless as your arms,
to overthrow my admirable adequacies?

What perilous relinquishing,
some moment green and hungry as my fears,
allowed desire to be my need?

Some moment,
small and covert as your moustached mouth,
made a song my heart beats out
in its unmeasured time,
despite the truth —
relentless as suspicion,
resourceful as a fantasy —
that all its red and silver lyrics
would both warm and disquiet you.

I think what came together once,
some moment shining as your hair,
will never wane
and will require surveillance,
a constant steeling against
some moment blind and glorious
as your eyes.

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