RWB Workshop Poem of the Week – August 1

Poem of the Week 8/1/2017

Claudia Serea

Ode to beer

Beer the color of summer,
dusk-colored beer
with golden feet
and foamy beard,

blue-collared beer,
and filling,

and gregarious,

and cool,

here’s to you.

I love you more than wine
because you’re cold
and clear,
waiting on ice
on a hot day
with, or without shade,
with, or without a lime,
or a beach.

Because wine is pretentious
and water too plain,

and you’re humble,
and taste of grain.

Because nobody writes you odes
although you buzz,
pop, and fizzle,

and rise from yeast
like life.

Because your name is simple.

Because you hail from Mesopotamia
where Gilgamesh drank you
with Enkidu.

Because you’re best sipped
in the haunts of the Old City,
on a terrace in Bucharest
or Madrid,

with a brother
or best friend.

Here’s to you, old god
who takes the tiredness away
after a long day walking,

who takes the years
we’ve been apart away,

and makes us young,
happy again

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