RWB Workshop Poem of the Week—September 4

Poem of the Week 09/04/18

God Give Me Strength!

Janet Kolstein

Sometimes, my mother stood
in the gap
between the counter and the cabinets,
pulling the sun-dried laundry
in through the window.

The pulley and the clothesline
chirped like the birds in our fold.

Before my double-paned glass,
I face a wider scene.

But, high above the telephone poles,
the trees, the pools,
and the flat tops of roofs,
I hear no birdsong.

I see my mother rolling dough for a pie,
standing at the stove, a wooden spoon in her hand,
and through the chaos of five kids,
surviving the wild years.

In defense against the siege,
she implored the Lord,
God give me strength!

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