WCW—Susanna Lee & Leilani McInerney Dec 5

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For the month of December  we are featuring Susana Lee and Leilani McInerney.

About our December features: 

Susanna Leebegan writing poetry later in life, first sharing haiku on Twitter. Susanna is a natural storyteller. Her poems are beautiful observations about the connections between the inhabitants, sentient or not, of what we humans call the universe. Susanna’s poems explore the chasm between the ideal and the way things really are in clear and wry language.  She, with the poet’s discerning eye, is often amused by how truth is found only after our failure to make sense of things the way they are and not by what we believe reality to be.

Leilani McInerney’s poetry has a deceptively light but powerful touch. In Leilani’s poems there is a deep, almost religious, or mystical if you will, relationship between the sensuality of the body and the inherent spiritual nature of the soul. With great grace and pence, her poems express this dynamic and beautiful tension calling us to our seat at the feast with an unmistakable joie de vivre.

Please join us on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018, 7:00 PM at the William Carlos Williams Center, One Williams Plaza in Rutherford NJ to hear these two wonderful poets read.

Please note: We must now pay $100 per month rent for the use the Williams Center for our readings. This is in addition to the $100 per month rent the Red Wheelbarrow workshop must pay for the use of their space in the Williams Center.

We need your help to survive and continue to hold our monthly readings. We will be asking for donations. A $5 per person donation is suggested. If we all contribute, we can pay the rent!

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