What a magical night! Video highlights of The Red Wheelbarow # 6 launch


As promised, here are some video highlights from the launch of issue # 6 of The Red Wheelbarrow on Wednesday, September 4, at the Williams Center in Rutherford, NJ. We had a great time and the issue looks fabulous!! You can purchase your copy here. Enjoy!

Opening words by managing editor Mark Fogarty; featured poet, John J. Trause

Mark Fogarty

Melanie Klein

Don Zirilli

Jim Klein

Anton Yakovlev

Janet Kolstein

Loren Kleinman

Amaranth Pavis

Claudia Serea; George Held, read by Claudia Serea

Jen Wos

Mike O’Brien

Joel Lewis, read by Mark Fogarty

Zorida Mohammed

Fran Lombardi

Tony Puma

Amy B. Barone

David Messineo, read by John J. Trause

Akram Al-Katreb

Fred Duignan

Jim Gwyn

Tom V. Gianni, Jr.

Nicole Zach

Gail King, read by John Barrale

Dan Saxon

Daphne Williams Fox speaks about her grandfather, William Carlos Williams

Author: redwheelbarrowpoets

Red Wheel Barrow poets of Rutherford, NJ, home of Pulitzer-prize winning poet William Carlos Williams.

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