WCW—Bridget Sprouls—June 5

For the sublime month of June, the Gang of Five is excited to feature Bridget Sprouls, an enchanting poet of great talent and expertise.

Please join us on Wednesday June 5th, 2019, 7:00 PM at the William Carlos Williams Center, One Williams Plaza in Rutherford NJ to hear Bridget.

About our feature:

Many poets these days are praised for building their own unique universes. And, in this age of extremely high standards, when every poet is expected to strive toward a wholly original, mature and inimitable vision, this praise is often not without merit. Bridget Sprouls takes universe-building to another level. Like gorgeously-detailed fractal panoramas, her virtuoso poetry contains not one but countless universes, not only on a book level, or on a poem level, but sometimes in every line. Never sacrificing authenticity, sincerity, or no-bullshit directness, her poems take the audience into sometimes-unexplored yet profoundly recognizable worlds that are always worth delving into and sometimes worth inhabiting indefinitely. Sprouls’ debut collection The Remaining Yearsmarks the arrival of an important new voice into the poetic Anglosphere.

Please note: We must now pay $100 per month rent for the use the Williams Center for our readings. This is in addition to the $100 per month rent the Red Wheelbarrow workshop must pay for the use of their space in the Williams Center.

We need your help to survive and continue to hold our monthly readings. We will be asking for donations. A $5 per person donation is suggested. If we all contribute, we can pay the rent!

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