RWB Workshop Poem of the Week—July 15

Arthur Russell
That Couple the News Had Followed

I saw us as that couple the news had followed 
during the seven years it took the wife to descend
from adorable goofball to a head slumped in the wheelchair. 

I thought of us when the cameras found him 
on the sofa’s edge admitting he wasn’t up  
to staying with her till the end. He was haggard. 

He lowered his voice so she wouldn’t hear. 
She was in the kitchen, at the Formica table, 
sitting on a metal tube kitchen chair 

with a vinyl seat cover and furniture tacks. 
She had a terrycloth bathrobe on. The collar
was up, so she looked elegant gazing at the sink. 

I love you just like that, that much, that broken way. 


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